8757NC launches it's new website

September 10, 2012

Over the next several months, 8757NC will be launching a plethora of new products and services and in so doing we felt that our old website, what was really just our logo on a black background, no longer did us justice. Moving forward, we knew that it was time to put in place a website that not only showcased our organization and the services that we offer, but also one that showcased our passion for great designs.

When redesigning our website, our goals were simple. We wanted to create a beautiful yet modern website where information was readily available and easy to access. We also wanted our website to be viewable on a variety of systems, from Windows PC’s, to Apple’s Mac and iOS platforms without having to dump our users down to a horrendous looking “mobile friendly” version. With our new design, I believe that we’ve done just that.

So from everyone here 8757NC, welcome.